Thursday, June 18, 2009

Deals of the Day

I can not believe this, I finally sit down to update all the savings deals and blogger is having problems. Here is what I got before the errors.

Free sample of Dove Heat Defense Therapy or Intense Damage Therapy here.

Mark your calendars for July 23. That's when McAlister's is offering free tea.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Money Saving Recipes & deals in my copuon book

First I want to let you know about a show I just found on the Food Network. It is called 'Sandra's Money Saving Meals' and Sandra Lee makes cost effective meals and shares with you how much each recipe costs. Today she made her own slasa and chips and it cost her $4.29 for 10 servings compared to almost $10.00 for store bought.

Next, in my previous post I mentioned buying those big coupon books. In College Station it benefits the high school's FFA. It cost $39.95. They delivered it to my house as promised. If you live locally, here are just some of the coupons I know my family will use:

2-Applebee's free appetizer or entree (up to $7) w/purchase of equal or greater value
2-Cafe Eccell free Wood Fired Pizza w/purchase of equal or greater value
2-Chili's free bottomless express lunch w/purch of equal or greater value
Dickey's free daily special w/p of e or G V
Dickey's free sliced or chopped beef sandwich w/p of e or G V

Just to name a few! I yank the coupons I won't use and give them to friends who will.
To order yours, call 979-297-1200 or go to

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Great savings book and support local high school

A few weeks ago I posted about buying savings coupon books.
I just got a very welcomed phone call from the A&M Consolidated FFA Boosters not only offering the new savings coupon book, but also delivering it to my home! I'm pretty excited. It will come tomorrow and I'll let you know about all the wonderful coupons being offered this time!

Know Your Prices!

I've said it before and I think it is becoming my mantra, but you must know your prices in order to stretch your buck. Last night I bought a new laptop. There aren't many places in town to shop around but we went to Wal-Mart and then to Best Buy where I bought a 15.4" 2 GB of memory and 160 GB harddrive. It was on sale for $349 and I was so hesitant to make such a large purchase just so I could have the convenience of scrapbooking digitally from anywhere.

This morning I FINALLY got around to the Sunday paper and found the exact same laptop at Office Depot for $394.99, regularly $519.99.

See? Know your prices!

Now I'm going to check out all the grocery store ads which remember come out on Wednesdays.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some Deals of the Day

Free sample of Slim Fast here.

Spend $50 at Sears and get $50. Click here for details.

Free sample of Aveda for men here and you can send your man a free e-card.

Free sample of Crest Whitestrips here.

Updating right now!

I am working on a new posting right now.
Also I wanted to tell you that a friend told me she hasn't gotten any of her freebies. It takes some time but you will get them!

I have been getting a lot of freebies in my mailbox. We have gotten a Tide sample, travel size Dove deodorant, overnight pants for toddlers, diapers, a dog chew, a travel size Caress body wash, and my husband got a really nice 5-blade razor.

Keep signing up for those freebies but you may want to set up another email address so your personal inbox doesn't fill up every day like mine does!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Anyone still reading?

I have to apologize for my absence and thank you if you have been coming back. Last week was a really tough week at work and I fell behind in everything. Then we left town for my cousin's graduation and did not return until Tuesday night. I had to go clean out my classroom and catch up with household responsibilities AND....

I am pregnant so I have not been myself at all. I have been exhausted and the hormones have not been nice to me. I am a little better every day so I hope to be back full force soon! Until then, please visit the other savings blog links on the right-hand column and THANKS again for being loyal!