Saturday, August 15, 2009

Time to Save Money Again

Two friends posted their grocery savings today on Facebook and it got me motivated to get back in the game. I've clipped last week's coupons and sorted them by store I will use them at. I make a pile of coupons that are .50 or less and use those at Kroger since they double up to .50 and triple up to .35. The rest of my coupons will be used at HEB or Wal-Mart because they are cheaper than Kroger.

Tomorrow I will clip the latest coupons and head to the stores to save, save, save. Before I do that, I've been visiting my coupon links and found out that Nabisco is offering $55 in savings here.

Head over to S'mores and enter the contest to win a $20,000 backyard make-over.

Wendy's is offering $10,000 or free Oreos for a year.

For more promos like these, or a chance to win $25 off of groceries, visit this site.

Free food at restaurants. Go to 918 Coupon Queen for a long list of restaurants that offer promos and coupons.


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