Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Coupon Fever is Contagious

So my husband (who stays home with the kids) had to run to Wal-Mart today. I am so proud of him. He not only browsed through the coupon organizer, but he also took the Target ad with him to get price matching. Here are the savings he got for us:

Band-Aids 2.50 used a coupon for .50
Neosporin on the Go 3.87 used a coupon for $1.00
Off Clip-On (he knows that mosquitoes feast on me) 6.88 used a $2.00 coupon
Huggies wipes 2.49 price match Target ad 1.99 used a .75 coupon!

He saved us $4.74 off of a $15 purchase.
Just think, we didn't even use coupons a little over a month ago!
Every coupon counts. Pennies make dollars!

How much can you save in one month? I challenge you to set aside a place for all of your receipts and log in your savings for a whole month. I haven't logged all of my receipts but I know that in the last 3 weeks, we have saved well over $30. How much do you think you can save in a year?

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